Rock Wool & Glass Wool Products

Products comply with GB/T25975-2010.
Products in the acidity coefficient is 1.8 or higher, which can meet the following requirements:
Fiber diameter (microscope measuring 100 sample average) : ≤7microns
Content of slag ball (screen hole diameter of 0.25 mm) : ≤8%
Coefficient of thermal conductivity : ≤ 0.043 W/(m.k)
The compression strength : ≥40 kPa
Perpendicular to the surface of the tensile strength : ≥10 kPa

Product width: 1200mm-1260mm(2×600mm or 2×630mm)
Minimum product width: ≤400mm
The minimum thickness of the product: ≤30mm
The biggest product thickness: ≥200mm
The minimum density: ≤40kg/m3
Maximum density: ≥200kg/m3
Minimum surface density: ≤2.4kg/m2
The density of bedding face: ≥22kg/m2