Reator, Heat Exchanger and Towers

Our products covers the design and fabrication of category I,II,III pressure vessels, Petrochemical, biological and pharmaceutical equipment as heat exchanger, reator, tower and other non-standard equipments etc. We have produced more than to different specification which belong to 18 categories. The products have been sold to 120 big and middle scale projects including Shanghai Jingshan Petrochem, Yangtze Petrochem, Jinglin Petrochem, Shengli Oil Field, Sandong Marine Chemical, Fujian Jiuyiju, BASF (Shanghai), Dupond (Shanghai), Xinggao (Wuxi), Dismet (Wuxi), Fuji(Suzhou), Panasonic (Wuxi) etc. 

Heat Exchanger

320m2 Cascade heat exchanger for Shandong Pingyi Co. 

Material: 316L + Q235-B

280m2 heat exchanger for Sanxi Beifang Co. 

Material: 825 Alloy+ 16MnR

300mCondenser for Hunan Xiangtan Co. 

Material: H96 + Q235-B

530m2 Converter for Shandong Haihua Co. 

Material: 20 + Q235-B

650m2 Deep hole heat exchanger for Shandong Huayi Co. 

Material: 316L

Removable and non-removable spiral plate heat exchangers exported to Pakistan

All types of hot tubes heat exchangers for Hangzhou Oil and Grease Chemical. 

Material: 304+ Q235B

"U" Type tube bundle under fabrication.

Material: TA2 

Five effects heater for Shandong Haihua Chloro-caustic Factory

Material: TA9 + 16MnR


C.S Storage tanks exported to Sad Arabic

S.S Storage tanks for Shanghai Petrochem. Co.

Big storage tank built in Korea job site for Korean Co.


0.5-15m3 steam heating reactor

10M3 half jacket reactor for Shengli Oil Field. 

Material: 317L+304

0.5-15m3 electric heating reactor

2M3 reactor for Zhejiang Zhongwang Co.,Ltd. 

Material: TA2

60m3 suspension reactor for Hangzhou Oil and Grease Co.,Ltd.

Material: 304

All types of agitator



100 m3 fermentation tank and seeds tank for Chongqing Daxin Pharmaceutics Co.


1m3 pressure magnetic agitation reactor for Shengli Oil Field

Material: 321+Q235-B

2m3 middle pressure magnetic agitation reactor


60m3 half jacket reactor for Zhangjiagang Hengye Co.  

Material: 304

50m3 half jacket reactor for Changshu East South Chemical Co. 

Material: 304


Distillation tower under installation for Hainan Oil Refinery Co.

Ф1800x 44m Oxidation tower for Belgian Co. 

Material: 317L

Ф1500/Ф1800x 32m Acetone tower for Canadian Co. 

Material: TA2 + 316L

S.S Absorption tower for shipping


Ф1200xФ1500x32m Extraction tower for petrochemical industries   

Material: 304

Heavy and light extracts separation tower for Yunnan Chemical Co.   

Material: 16MnR

Ф2200x45m Hydrogenation tower for Jinling Petrochem. Co.   

Material: 16MnR

1#2# Water scrubber tower for Zhejiang Blue Sky Co.   

Material: 321

Ф2800x 45m Vacuum tower, extraction tower and normal pressure tower under construction

Non-standard equipment for Petrochemical Industry