Flue Gas Expander

Flue Gas Expander

YL-type flue gas expander is energy recovery turbo machinery, Its working medium is high temperature waste gas with certain pressure which come from oil refining, chemical industry, electric power and metallurgy produce process, medium through the output shaft of the turbine expansion to drive other machinery or generator power, so as to achieve the purpose of energy recovery reduces energy consumption.


Since 1976, YL-type gas Expander of China's self-designed development successfully running in the second petroleum factory in Fushun, after nearly 40 years of effort, YL-type gas turbine achieving the design, manufacture, test, a series of goals, can meet the needs of large refinery energy recovery system at home and abroad. Gas turbine power-saving effect is very significant. For example, YL33000A flue gas turbine can save electricity 240 million each year (33000kwx24 hours X300 days) by the end of September 2015. And already delivered more than 200ps gas turbine, total output power is about 1.953 million kilowatts, saving 14.06 billion per year.



Single-level efficiency 78%, dual-level efficiency 84%.

The rotor with good rigidity, rotor has stable dynamics performance.

Efficient flue gas turbine blades adopt high efficiency blade design.

Efficient flue gas turbine static vanes can adjust.

Semi-rigid shell-driven expansion, bearing of pipeline force and force moment is good. Vertical dissection, cantilever rotor structure.

Complete separation of hot and cold parts.

The Plasma spraying of great wall 1th wear-resistant coating and the great Wall 33 wear-resistant coating can adapt to the harsh working conditions.

Completely independent intellectual property rights are different from foreign manufacturers design concept.

Design, manufacturing standards keep pace with the world.


Performance comparison (YL33000A flue gas turbine with the same level in foreign)

Item Unit YL33000A E-156
Manufacture   Lanzhou Petrochemical Machinery Factory Dresser-Rand
(absolute) Inlet Pressure MPa(a) 0.353 0.35
(absolute) Outlet Pressure MPa(a) 0.0912 0.108
Inlet Temperature °C 700 713
Rated Speed rpm 3722 3790
Expansion Ratio   3.8706 3.2407
Enthalpy Drop Kcal/kg 77.637 68.6
Adiabatic  Efficiency % 80 (calibration value on site) 80.95
Output Power kW 32800 35300


Item Parameter
Output Power 2000~35000kW
Inlet Temperature 550~700°C
Inlet Pressure 0.2~0.4MPa ( a )
Flow 600~7500Nm3/min
Series Single, Two-stage
Exhaust way Up and bottom
Efficiency Single stage adiabatic efficiency≥78% , Two-stage adiabatic efficiency≥84%