New Agriculture Technology

New Agriculture Technology Project & Engineering

As more and more people aware the problems of food health and the importance of environment for human; also as the intensification of agricultural pollution, and the risk of arable land area in China and other countries in the world, global production and supply of food safety has become an important issue of modern agricultural development. 

Sinotech Industry Group focus on the complete solutions for the development of modern agricultural techniques and facilities. The core of the modern agriculture technology includes the variety of greenhouse climate in intelligent control and combined with modern soilless cultivation system technology to solve the global food safety problems.

Our group has the strength in the Internet intelligent control technology of greenhouse system and using agricultural rock wool as main solid substrate soilless cultivation system.

Our group using modern agricultural production integration of supply chain and its own technical advantages, provides the overall solution in the construction of modern agricultural greenhouse system. The flowers, fruits, vegetables and other crops are grown up safely, efficiently with high quality, and also saving land and water resources, saving labor, reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides at the same time. According to the requirements of climate condition and cultivation, combined with the profitable business model, Sinotech Industry Group provide customers with the most competitive modern agricultural production overall solution, makes plant become efficient, simple and happy work.